Review: Red Hood Outlaw #37

"Generation Outlaw" - Part One
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: K
enneth Rocafort
Color A
rtist: Steve Firchow
Letterer : A
LW Troy Peteri
Review by Fay Clark

The last time we saw our favorite problem child he was worrying over his missing friends. We managed to catch up with them in Red Hood Outlaw Annual #3, but saw little of Jason and now we finally get to see what the master of trouble has been up to, in Red Hood Outlaw #37. It turns out that Mr. Todd is helping the youth be, well… the best evil version of themselves that they can possibly be. Will Jason have what it takes to teach the next generation? Or will it be the new kids that teach Red Hood a lesson?

New Trick Mr. Red Hood?

It’s happening, we’re finally seeing our boy Jason interacting with the younger generation. I wonder if he’ll try to  keep any for himself and create a team just like Bats did? That would be something to see. However, right now we get to be in awe of how much of an awesome and natural teacher Jason is.
I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions Scott Lobdell wrote for the troubled teens, not just Red Hood… all of them. We get a brief introduction to them and slowly get to learn about their powers and personalities, over the course of the issue. As with everything Lobdell writes, these characters have the promise of making things interesting, and possibly difficult for Red Hood. We get to see some flashbacks, telling us just how Jason came obtained his new position as Professor. I love the way Lobdell can write Jason as brooding and sarcastic, while also recognising that he has big a heart.
I really enjoyed the artwork in Red Hood Outlaw #37  as Kenneth Rocafort has put some really interesting designs together for these new kids. I had a bunch of fun just sitting down and looking at the detail of the characters. You can really feel the personality shine through in the outfits and special differences between them all. The background of the panels are stunning, especially in some of the flashbacks. There is one panel in particular that I could stare at all day.


Yet again Lobdell has blown my mind out of the water and I get so much entertainment out of this series. The plot line for this new arc is interesting and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this is going. (I’m still holding out for Jason to get his own Teen Team). Lobdell seems to enjoy leaving everything on a cliffhanger, so we shall have to wait until next time to see what happens to Red Hood and his merry band of misfits.
Images courtesy of DC Entertainment


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