Review: Batman Universe #3

"Batman Universe #3"
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Nick Derington
Color Artist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Review by Steve J. Ray

Batman Universe #3 continues the Dark Knight’s most fun, cosmic and mind-bending case in years. Last issue we discovered that the diabolical villain behind the intelligence stealing Faberge egg is non other than the immortal, would-be world conqueror, Vandal Savage. We left our hero stranded on Thanagar, seemingly surrounded by hostile Hawk-people, and that’s where the latest chapter begins.
This series is just so much fun to read. Brian Bendis is taking us on a journey through the most weird and wonderful corners of the DC Universe. We get to see cities populated by talking gorillas, planets run by police officers with wings, dinosaur islands, and even meet up with some of Batman’s best buddies on the way.
I think what we see in these pages are Mr. Bendis’ favorite aspects of the oldest, largest and richest comics multiverse… and I’m loving every second.

So much Dering(ton) Do

The art on this book fits the story hand in (bat)glove. Last year we got Batman: Kings Of Fear, a series perfectly tailored for the surreal, Gothic stylings of Kelley Jones. Batman Universe was made for Nick Derington. Digital Justice has been revisited, alien worlds and gorilla cities re-discovered, and all of it has been eye candy of the highest order. If you’re one of the wise readers who is buying this wonderful series, I’d love to hear from you… especially when you see what our friends on Thanagar give our favorite caped crusader, so that he can more easily traverse their planet.
It’s soooo cooool.
The issue is polished to perfection with colors by Dave (the Rainbow) Stewart, and letters by Carlos (the Main Man) Mangual. I love these guys. Why, I hear you ask? If you collect this book you’ll already know, if you don’t… you have my sympathies. Look at the pages reproduced above and you’ll see that my affection and respect is not in the slightest bit misplaced.
Get it? Got it? Good.


The end of Batman Universe #3 leaves us a quarter of the way through this wonderful story. Like I mentioned earlier, we’re being taken on a tour through the amazing DC Universe, so what possible surprises could this amazing creative team possibly have left for us? Well, as I’m not one for spoilers I will divulge nothing concrete, but if you’re not buying this series, just what the Hex wrong with you?
Make of that what you will.
Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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