Review: Deathstroke #47

"Born Again"
Writer: Priest
Artists: Fernando Pasarin, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Cam Smith & Wade Von Grawbadger
Artist: Jeromy Cox
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Review by James Stone
I found Deathstroke #47 to be a bit of a mess. The story starts off as a nice continuation to #46, but it then takes a detour midway, which made me very confused. Priest then adds another curve ball on the final page which made me really question what was going on.
Jericho drives the story this issue, with some emotional moments dealing with the ramifications of working with Lex Luthor. Following the death of Slade it was Deathstroke’s children who carried the story. Rose also has a conflicting and challenging scene with Emiko. These are the moments that fit well with the flow of the story, but ultimately didn’t deliver anything substantial to the issue.
As always the art is wonderfully vibrant and detailed, in particular the sequences between  Rose and Emiko. The issue contains some delightful transitions but set in graveyard, which is a traditionally morbid setting. 


With two head turning moments, Deathstroke #47 was an ambitious attempt to twist and turn the audience into a state of confusion and mystery. Although I was baffled myself, I don’t feel that this was the connection Priest was attempting. My confusion was more related to me losing complete track of what was happening in the story, rather than through the element of mystery and intrigue.
I’m still excited to see what happens in the story next month, though.
Images courtesy of DC Entertainment


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