Review: Titans – Burning Rage #2

"Dead Reckoning"
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Scot Eaton and Wayne Faucher
Color Artist: Jim Charalampidis
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Review by Steve J. Ray

Titans – Burning Rage #2 is a 23 page action extravaganza. Once again the story is a throwback to the non-stop slug-fests of yore, but in the hands of veteran writer Dan Jurgens there are layers to be peeled away and much more than meets the eye bubbling beneath the surface. The Fearsome Five are back and they’re holding the entire city hostage. Robin, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire are on the scene, but are they too late?
These monthly gems fill me with nostalgia and joy. These are the kind of comics I was weaned on, and dearly miss. This is the stuff that will make today’s kids tomorrow’s die-hard fans. The best bit is, they’re available right now! No need to scour the long-boxes of your local comic-book store for a fix of vintage action, as this issue brings all of that to the audiences of today.
While this was created to be a kid friendly tale, there’s action aplenty, and some pretty scary imagery. I think that kids need this stuff, as comics that scared or excited me as a child are the ones that I’ll always remember. These are the feelings that let you know that you’re alive.

Team Supreme

Having seasoned artists, Scot Eaton and Wayne Faucher on these stories is a blessing. The way these guys evoke the classic feel of the cartoons, meshed with the characters from the legendary Wolfman/Perez era is just magic. These stories are big, bold and brash… and all the better for it. Raven’s narrative and her constant inner turmoil are a great counterpoint for the chaos surrounding her, and her team-mates.
Letterer Tom Napolitano not only makes me crave pizza and ice-cream, he also delivers lovely and easy to read text. I particularly love Raven’s purple internal monologue, and ragged word balloons. Jim Charalampidis floods the pages with vibrant color that lifts the gorgeous art by Eaton and Faucher. This is classic comics; so big, bold colors are a must.


Titans – Burning Rage #2 is aimed at a younger audience, but this isn’t simply a “heroes bash villains” comic. There’re layers to the story, with discord within the ranks of the Fearsome Five, and with Raven facing her – quite literal – inner demons. There’s a lot to enjoy in these well crafted pages.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment


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