Review: Young Justice #9

"Lost In The Multiverse" - Part Three
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Andre Lima Araujo & John Timms
Color Artist: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by Philip Clark

Finally, finally, finally! Young Justice #9 gives us the backstory to the most interesting character since the introduction of this comic, Teen Lantern!
Ever since Bendis introduced her back in Young Justice #1, I’ve been waiting and waiting for this moment. It seemed like Bendis would never get around to it, with the first couple of issues leaning heavily into Wonder Girl and Superboy’s backstories. But I am glad that it is finally here!
It doesn’t disappoint either. This story gives us enough information to satisfy us, while also leaving us wanting more! I hope we find out more about her as we progress throughout the comic run.

A Classic Misunderstanding

Imagine being face to face with what you assume is a dying Green Lantern. They hand you something, but pass on before they can explain what it is. The next step is surely to believe that you’re a Green Lantern and head to Metropolis to talk with the Justice League… right?
Whoever this Iorl character is, they certainly had the right outfit, just not necessarily the right gear. Is that going to stop the determined young Keli, though? Nope! She’s been given this device, and these powers for all of five minutes before charging off to Metropolis. Which is right where we meet her way back in issue #1.
Will the team ever make it back to their own universe? Will Keli finally get to speak to the Justice League? Only time will tell!


Young Justice #9 was another brilliant issue from Bendis, who keeps us on our toes. He does a fantastic job at leading us one way, only at the last minute to pull us in a completely different direction. That’s the style of writing that I feel is very important in a comic, especially when the readers know the characters so well. It can get a bit boring and tedious if they always act in a set way. With Bendis however, that doesn’t look like something that will ever happen.
The artwork in this issue is also fantastic. From the set pieces in Teen Lantern’s backstory, to the chaos on Earth 3, both Araujo and Timms lend their talents expertly. I especially love the panels with Keli and Iorl, their facial expressions were brilliant! All of the scenes with Teen Lantern trying to figure out what’s going on on Earth 3 are gorgeous. Timms does a excellent job with the fight sequences, and Eltaeb really brings out the colours!
Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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