Wayward Rewatch Episode 3 - Catching Up with the Catch Up

Article by Adam Ray

Look how young and hopeful they are! Couldn't not throw in that small comment, ladies and gentlemen, now back to our scheduled programming.

One of the many creative ventures here on Fantastic Universes has returned. Wayward Rewatch is our retro review show of Supernatural, the American mega omnibus about two brothers in a muscle car, saving people, and hunting things. Fay and I are giving our two cents with rapid fire comments about each episode, with a healthy sprinkling of giggles and gags along the way.

Three episodes in, I feel that we two podcasters have found our form. American TV shows have long, twenty plus, episode series'. We've taken to splitting the season in half, talking about ten or eleven episodes per episode, getting through them in quick hits. But what am I saying, I'm sure you lovely readers already know all that!

The timings for when we drop our episodes have started to reveal themselves too. Expect the latest Rewatch episodes on the Fantastic Universes Podcast Network on the 13th of every month. Nice and superstitious for this particularly spooky show.

What's on the future for the Rewatch? We're gonna keep trucking on in the back seat of the Impala, covering each episode and each season, all knowing that final fifteenth season is on our minds. Expect antics, and misremembered plot points - and eventually guests and friends of Fantastic Universes giving their opinions with us.

Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen, the Fantastic Universes Podcast only grows as we wander the American back roads with the Winchesters. You can find the latest episode, where Fay and I discuss Episodes 1-11 of Season 2 right here, and the rest of the Fantastic Universes Podcast on our Soundcloud right here - or wherever good Podcasts lurk in the darkness.

Happy listening to one and all!


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