Review: Justice League Odyssey #15

"Darkseid And The Justice League Odyssey"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Will Conrad
Color Artist: Rain Beredo & Pete Pantazis
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by James Stone

Post Sepulkore era is in full swing in Justice League Odyssey #15 and the ante just keeps getting upped.

Darkseid is… on the loose with his group of new New Gods: Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael.

In hot pursuit is a resurrected Jessica Cruz Green Lantern, with her new team Dex-Starr, Blackfire and Orion.
For those thinking that sounds very similar to issue #14 you would be correct. In terms of progression not much transpires this week and our heroes are no closer to stopping Darkseid. That doesn’t mean nothing happens, though… quite the opposite, in fact. Some interesting events occur which could result in a much needed win for Jessica Cruz and co.


Justice League Odyssey #15 was an action packed issue with the arrival of a new character means that anything could happen in the coming weeks. Will Conrad gets a special mention this week for his art on said new character. This haunting, menacing and powerful creature gave me, as the reader, a genuine fright.
I’m excited to see if they will be a friend… or foe.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment


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