Review: American Jesus #3

The New Messiah" - Book Two
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Peter Gross
Color Artist: Jeanne McGee
Letterer: Cory Petit

Review by James Stone

Reading an issue of American Jesus feels a lot like watching a Tarantino movie. The first two chapters delivered layer upon layer of story and character development, and then the final chapter just goes absolutely bonkers.

This three issue story was a short, but incredibly fun read, full of some very clever storytelling. I'd be very keen to see another volume, but even keener to see this tale adapted as a Netflix movie, or even a full TV series.

Mark Millar continues to bring us original tales in unique settings, and American Jesus is another great addition to that impressive catalogue. This was a great collaboration with Peter Gross, whose work I was not familiar before, but will definitely keep an eye out for in the future. His work is reminiscent of Brian Hurtt's The Sixth Gun and Charlie Adlard's Walking Dead, two of my favourite series of all time.


American Jesus is a story centred around the rise of the messiah, the living descendant of God. It tackles good vs evil, while keeping you guessing the whole time. If you're a fan of Christian mythology, or enjoyed the comic series Preacher, or the Goddamned, then this is a three part series which I highly recommend reading.
Images Courtesy of Image Comics / Netflix


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