Review: Wasted Space #13

"Wasted Space #13"
Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Hayden Sherman
Color Artist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Review by Steve J. Ray
Far from being unlucky, Wasted Space #13 delivers great tidings and grand adventure. If issue #12 was the superhero issue, then this chapter is the high fantasy instalment. Yes folks, prepare yourselves for warriors, magic, dragons and heroic deeds.
Don't pretend you don't know what I'm Tolkien about!
I really enjoy reading these stories, maybe that's because I can clearly tell that Michael Moreci, Hayden Sherman, Jason Wordie and Jim Campbell really have fun putting them together. While I know that making comics is hard work, I really hope that the talents behind this series realise how much enjoyment readers get whilst reading the fruits of their labors. Wasted Space is so much fun that I'm surprised it's still legal.

I Say Thee... YAY!

While Billy and Fury languish on the planet of truth and fulfilment, the rest of the gang, alongside the wonderful Trident, Tyran and Syra, are attempting to liberate the people of Ragnor Seven from an invading horde and their Devil-Dragon. As you can imagine, what follows is a heartfelt pastiche of everything fantasy, that's in equal parts an homage and a loving roast.
We get garbled goblin-speak, a heroic chisel-jawed king, and a cast of thousands, plus axes, swords spears and blood red killing fields.
I'm so happy right now.

Here Be Dragons

If you loved Hayden Sherman and Jason Wordie's designs for Trident, Tyran and Syra, wait 'til you see how they've kitted out Dust, Molly and Rex! I absolutely love how the characters have, at least with theire swanky new threads, quite literally become generic super-types. They look like something out of a 90s Image title, or Chris Claremont and John Byrne's X-Men... on acid.
If that wasn't enough, I promise that I'm not Yavin you on when I tell you that there are more than a few Star Wars references thrown about in this issue too.
Sorry... again.

More Than Words

If you think that the writer and artists are the ones having all the fun, then think again. There have been many issues where Gentleman Jim Campbell has had little more than reams of dialogue to populate the pages with, but this issue delivers an orgy of onomatopoeia. We get chants, war-cries, stomping boots and the roar of a dragon so awesome that Fin Fang Foom wants to be him when he grows up.


Wasted Space #13 is one of the most fun reads ever. Many long time followers of the series may be thinking that some of the book's depth and psychology have been forgotten, but this simply isn't so. This series is as thought provoking and deep as it's ever been, but the darkness and introspection are tempered with humor and action.
Comic-books are meant to be entertaining, after all.
Vault Comics and the creative team behind Wasted Space are producing comics that have you thinking about the content long after you finish reading them. The neat trick is that they aren't doing so in ways that will depress a reader, or bring them down.
In this issue, and the one before, we see that the truth hurts. Billy Bane is the kind of person who will turn around and hurt it right back.
Images Courtesy of Vault Comics and the Creative Team


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