Isolation Survival Guide

Stay Inside, Protect The NHS, Save Lives

Since we all become superheroes, by staying inside to reduce the spread of COVID-19, time seems to have stood still.

Never fear, because here at Fantastic Universes we've put our (virtual) heads together and came up with some content suggestions to help you pass the time. Joining this round table of heroes are Editor in Chief Steve J. Ray and writers James Stone, Max Byrne and John Hammond. All four are parents, husbands, geeks and nerds with a very wide variety of popular culture fandom.

Getting new content straight to your TV, phone, tablet or computer has never been as quick or easy. Some would say that this is the ideal time for a global pandemic which makes everyone stay home. Who would have thought Netflix and chill could save lives?

Most of the Fantastic Universes team are based in the UK so these recommendations are based on the UK versions of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Sky TV.

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Steve has nominated  STRANGER THINGS. If you haven't seen this yet then now's your chance, before the delayed season 4 hits our screens.

John recommends BIG BANG THEORY. With all 12 seasons included what better time to catch up or start fresh.

Max says TIGER KING, the most talked about documentary series ever. If you haven't somehow seen this yet, it's 8 episodes you will not regret watching.

James says ALTERED CARBON,  a super cool and stylish sci-fi fantasy show like no other, easily one of the most underrated shows about.


Steve says SWAMP THING. The one and only season is available now. Step into the darker side of DC Comics.

John says MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. All 4 series are Amazon originals, and available as a complete finished series which offers some unique storytelling from the mind of Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner).

Max says COMIC BOOK MEN. Seasons 2-7 are the perfect way to reminisce about what it was like going to a comic book shop.

James says FUTURE MAN. Now with all 3 seasons included, this Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg series is a laugh a minute time travel show which mocks most of popular culture, and is packed full of Easter eggs.


Steve says LADY AND THE TRAMP. The new live action version is the perfect family movie.

John says STAR WARS. With every movie included, why not take a trip to a galaxy far far away?

Max says THE MANDALORIAN. The flagship show for Disney+ is a wonderful entry to the world of Star Wars.

James says THE SIMPSONS. With over 600 episodes and the movie included, relive your childhood and get all those adult jokes you missed first time round.


Steve says WAR OF THE WORLDS. We've had the book, the radio show, the movie and now the TV show on BBC Iplayer.

Max says MATCH OF THE DAY. With all sport on hold the show is reliving highlights from previous seasons.

James says FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER this hilarious realistic british comedy is in its sixth season and every episode's available on ALL 4.


Amazon Prime gives you the chance to subscribe to extra channels for more content.

James says to look for the STARZ channel which has in introductory offer currently for 99p a month for the first 3 months. Shows worth checking out are the Stephen King inspired show CASTLE ROCK, and the DC Comics show DOOM PATROL, which offers a completely different look at superheroes with a very graphic and funny experience.

John says to look for the channel FULL MOON which is packed with horror, Sci-Fi, comedy, cult and decades of bizarre genre films. DOLLMAN VS THE DEMONIC TOYS and PUPPET MASTER are two recommendations. Access to this channel is £3.99 per month.


Included with your Amazon Prime subscription is Prime Reading, access to hundreds of books, comics and magazines through the Kindle app.

James says check out BATMAN YEAR ONE the incredible graphic novel by Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli and Richmond Lewis, which explores the first year of Bruce Wayne's career as Batman.

Max says check out the beautiful KINGDOM COME, one of the all time great DC Comics Elseworlds graphic novels.

Steve says to read FLASHPOINT an important DC Comics story about The Flash written by Geoff Johns and rumoured inspiration for the upcoming live action Flash movie.

A number of hit TV shows started life as comic books which are also included such as THE WALKING DEAD, THE BOYS, and LOCKE AND KEY.

So, there you have it. If you watch, read and love any of the recommended content, please let us know.

Reply in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter.


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