DC First Look: “Batman: The Smile Killer”

Article by Steve J. Ray
DC’s Joker: Killer Smile gave readers a terrific insight into the mind of the Joker, and now a special one-shot book, Batman: The Smile Killer is set to flip the switch, as we take a look behind the curtain at the psyche of everyone’s favorite Dark Knight.
Here’s the full lowdown, direct from DC Entertainment:
By the Eisner Award-winning Talent team of writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino. This prestige format one-shot epilogue takes a different look at the Clown Prince of Crime, through the eyes of a young Bruce Wayne and his favorite cartoon television show.
Bruce grew up watching The Mr. Smiles Show – and the show might have been watching him back! Not only was young Bruce watching, he was listening… listening as Mr. Smiles spoke across the airwaves only to him.
Lemire and Sorrentino land one last gut-punch to the mythos of the Batman, turning it on its head in the most devastating trick The Joker has ever devised!
Batman: The Smile Killer is a $5.99 Prestige Format one-shot available on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. The book will feature DC’s “Black Label” content descriptor, appropriate for readers 17 and older.
Jeff Lemire is one of the top writers in comics, his work on Black Hammer is just one great example, and Joker: Killer Smile is another. Paired with artist Andrea Sorrentino Batman: The Smile Killer is sure to be another runaway hit.
Bruce Wayne as a child? A TV show that watches you? A look inside the mind of Batman and the Joker’s ultimate scheme? This book sounds amazing! This one’s definitely going on my pull list, will it be on yours? Be sure to let us know.
Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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