Review: Red Hood Outlaw #45

"Unspoken Truths"
Writer: Scott Lobdell
rtist: Paolo Pantalena
olor Artist: Arif Prianto
etterer: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Review by Fay Clark
We’re back with Red Hood Outlaw #45. There was some definite tension the last time we visited with the Outlaws, so I’m very happy to be back with them now. They’re going to need the help they can get if they plan on getting out of this mess! There was a large gathering of people, that turned into a large fight with The Untitled. Will Jason and Bizzaro be able to get out of this one? Also, just what is happening to Artemis?

He’s got a style all of his own.

It’s such a great feeling to be able to focus on the amazing writing of Scott Lobdell, once again. Talk about an immersive reality. I was worried that I would have forgotten what was happening plot-wise. Yet, as soon as I jumped back into Red Hood Outlaw #45, it was like riding a bike. A very cool, very interesting very well written bike… kinda lost you at the end there didn’t I? No need to worry, because Scott Lobdell’s writing certainly makes up for mine!
Red Hood Outlaw #45 has a couple of different plot lines running through it, that all tie together. Lobdell makes sure you know what’s going on with Jason Todd and Bizzaro and, right at an interesting moment, he takes you over to visit Artemis. Then, just when you think you’re going to stay for a while, BAM! back into the fray with Red Hood we go. Creating this kind of interest, and edge of your seat emotion, really keeps you interested in what’s going to happen next.

Eye-Popping Artwork

Paolo Pantalena has once again produced some superb artwork for Red Hood Outlaw #45. We’ve seen some of  his  artwork in previous issues, so it was no surprise – and a treat – seeing his immaculate art again. With Jason and Bizzaro in trouble we get to see some amazing fight scenes. Pantalena really doesn’t hold back, when you have a talent like his why would you?
Speaking of talent, we have the colorist Arif Prianto, who merges his work beautiful with Pantalena’s drawings. The use of color to make certain areas of the drawing pop, really helps draw your eye towards the main focal points of each page. There were a few scenes at the end of this issue that really made me gasp. Literally gasp. Such talent and attention to detail from both Pantalena and Prianto mix to make sweet, sweet artwork.


When can I have the next issue? I have to wait? Well, in that case. I’ll just re-read this one a few hundred more times, I’m sure there are details that I missed. Everything’s really falling into place for the Outlaws. Whatever is going to happen next, we can tell that it’s going to be BIG.
Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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