Podcast Review: Genuine Chit-Chat

Review by Tony Farina

Welcome, dear reader, to a new weekly column I am introducing to Fantastic Universes.

It seems like everyone is either making, or listening to podcasts. There are HUGE names like Joe Rogan or Marc Maron, who get millions of listeners every single day. Sure, you can go with something like that, and of course, you will be entertained, but will you be fulfilled as a listener?

The world is a big place, there are quite a few excellent shows out there, and I want to help draw attention to some of the podcasts that are not only entertaining, but incredibly informative and/or fun.

The subject of my first column is Genuine Chit-Chat by Mike Burton. Mike’s tag line is “Honest conversations with interesting people.” That line proves there can still be some truth in advertising.
Mike has been broadcasting to the internet and beyond since 2017, when his debut episode “Punching Nazis & Political Correctness” landed. That podcast, where he unsurprisingly discusses punching Nazis, set the tone for everything that comes after.

He never pulls any punches (yep, I went there) when he asks questions. He's had a leader of the Church of Satan, musical artists, writers, creators, entrepreneurs and the hosts of the insightful In the Black Podcast as guests. He never shies away from any topic.

Guests come on his show expecting a series of rote questions and then leave, having spent an hour or more talking with someone who honestly wants to know everything he can.

He's so full of joy, he shares his own life with his listeners, and we're all better off for taking the time to get to know him, his partner Megan and the recent addition to their family. 
Mike has said that he loves getting people to talk about the things they love, and he genuinely has a knack for doing just that.

I discovered the show in 2019, and immediately starting bingeing the back catalogue. Because his shows are so conversational and engaging, they feel timeless. So, even now, if you were to dip your toes into the waters of Genuine Chit-Chat from 2017, you wouldn’t feel out of time or out of place. These conversations were designed to last and last.


Sure, Mike has grown as both a podcaster and as a person, since that first episode, but the raw quality of his candour, his wit and - most importantly - his willingness to keep asking questions, has never changed.

These shows have made me laugh, they've made me cry, and they've made me go down a rabbit hole, trying to uncover some new information. 

If your ears are looking for something to keep them company, and bring them joy, then you should head over to your favorite podcasting app and subscribe to Mike Burton’s Genuine Chit-Chat every Sunday.

When a new episode drops, your ears will thank you.
Images Courtesy of Mike Burton


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