Podcast Time: "I Am The Night" And The DC Comics News Network

Article by Steve J. Ray

Hello, dear reader!

Over the last three years or so, many of the writers and reviewers on this site have also taken to creating terrific audio content, myself included.

I've received a ton of mail requesting a place where all of these shows could be picked up in one place, and I listen to my readers.

Here is the first post, with links to the show I make with my son, and fellow writer on Fantastic Universes, DC Comics News and Dark Knight News, Adam Ray. "I Am The Night" is a weekly show where we break down and discuss every episode of the legendary Batman: The Animated Series.

On occasion we also have a guest on the show, such as reviewer and podcaster extraordinaire, Max Byrne.

The DC Comics News Network also features a weekly news show - "The DC Comics News Podcast" - which looks at all the major DC News; Movies, TV and streaming, comics, games, and everything in between. I'm one of the hosts on this show, along with Seth Singleton, Kelly Gaines, and Fantastic Universes writers Kendra Hale, and Brad Filicky.
On "The Spinner Rack" writer and podcaster Seth Singleton gives his weekly recommendations on what he believes are the top 5 favourite DC Comics titles, making it easier for you to decide which books to invest your time and money on.

"Mad Love: The Harley Quinncast" breaks down every episode of the fantastic Harley Quinn TV show, which airs on E4 in the UK, the DC Universe and HBO Max streaming services in the U.S. and also the American Syfy channel. This is a show only for adults featuring the same team as "The DC Comics News Podcast".

Here's the Spotify Link to all the content on the DC Comics News Network:

In fact, every single episode can be found on the best podcast providers, Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, and many, many more.

Please listen, subscribe, rate and review. As always, please keep emailing, commenting and reaching out to us on social media.

Most of all... thank you.



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