Review: 'Doom Patrol' Season 2 Episode 2 - "Tyme Patrol"

"Tyme Patrol"

Director: Harry Jierjian

Writers: April Fitzsimmons & Neil Reynolds

Starring: Dianne Guerrero, April Bowlby, Joivan Wade, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, Abigail Shapiro, John Getz, Karen Obilom and Brandon Perea. With Riley Shanahan and Matthew Zuk

Review by Steve J. Ray

Yes, I meant to write tyme with a 'y'.

While TV fans will be introduced to a whole new character in this episode, comics readers will already be familiar with this old Doom Patrol villain. The good news is he looks just like his comic-book counterpart, the not-so-good news (for some) is that his real name is Dr Jonathan Tyme in the show, whereas he was Percival Sutter in the original comics.

Believe it or not, this chronological criminal first appeared waaaaay back in Doom Patrol #92, which was published in 1964. His TV counterpart is a purple pain, and Brandon Perea gives audiences a really brain-busting performance.
Family Ties

As always, this episode is beautifully structured and has each member of the team facing different issues. After focusing on the miniaturised members of the team last time, Larry gets more of the spotlight in this episode. We found out in "Fun-Size Patrol" that one of his son's had died, so we see him take a trip away from Doom Patrol manor in this episode.

If you've read my reviews for season one you already know how highly I rate Matt Bomer's portrayal of Trainor, and he's great again this week. Actually I need to give huge credit to Matthew Zuk and Riley Shanahan, who are the physical presences of Larry and Cliff respectively on-set, too. Matt Bomer plays Larry unmasked, and provides his voice, but it's Matthew who gives the bandaged Larry Trainor's physical performance. This is fascinating to watch, as anyone who didn't know could easily believe that all this was the work of just one actor.

The side story with Larry is fantastic, and really pulls on the heart-strings. I have to say that the whole thing left me with butterflies, right up to the closing credits. The trouble is, it may have Larry seeing Red, before too long.
We're Out Of Tyme!

Vic also gets some time in the spotlight, when he goes to a support group for amputees. A relationship is made there that I really hope we see more of in the rest of the season. Joivan Wade really shows the sensitive side of arguably the most physically powerful member of the ream. The introduction of Roni Evers, who's male in the comics, is an incredibly creative piece of storytelling, particularly for comics fans. I'm sure we'll see why, over the course of the season.

I love April Bowlby. There... I said it. Rita has grown so much since this show started. Now, with the Chief both physically and emotionally compromised, both from his deal with Willoughby and from his betrayal, she takes it upon herself to try and sort things out.

There's no Tyme to waste, Rita... I think you need to get your skates on!
Identity Crisis

Robotman and Crazy Jane fans, fear not... your heroes are also very well represented in this episode.

Cliff Steele's rage at the Chief keeps on growing, and Brendan Fraser's emotional expletives are a constant source of joy. As with Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk (maybe I should just call them the two Matts?) the synergy between Brendan's voice acting and Riley Shanahan's physical performance is truly magical. I love the way this team of actors works together.

Diane Guerrero's Kay/Jane character really is intriguing. This week we go further into her past than we've ever gone before, and learn of a personality who may be key to healing her fragmented psyche, and helping poor little Dorothy at the same time.

Dizzying, Incredible, Scary, Crazy and Ominous... these are all words I could use to describe this episode. The writing team is dangling threads all over the place and I can't wait to see what kind of tapestry they'll reveal by season's end. I loved seeing Danny reduced to a brick last week, and we see another completely new side of our favourite sentient street in this episode too.

Yes, this show's more than a little bonkers... but, hey... that's life all over.
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