Review: ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 2 Episode 8 – “Dad Patrol”

"Dad Patrol"

Director: Amanda Row

Writers: Tom Farrell and April Fitzsimmons

Starring: Dianne Guerrero, April Bowlby, Joivan Wade, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, Abigail Shapiro, Karen Obilom, Mark Sheppard, Bethany Anne Lind, Samantha Marie Ware, Pisay Pao, Leela Owen, Skye Roberts, Hannah Aline, Jackie Goldston, Sarah Borne and Dave MacDonald. With Riley Shanahan, Matthew Zuk and the voice of Lex Lang

Review by Steve J. Ray

Wow... talk about daddy issues! In this week's episode we see all kinds of fathers: absentee, those making amends, past, passing, and downright evil. The themes that have been running throughout season two are now reaching boiling point, in "Dad Patrol"
Well, Well, Well... 

The trials and tribulations of Jane, Amanda, and Kay Challis' other surviving personalities continue this week. We revisit her horrifying past, her evil father, and learn secrets about Kay and Miranda hitherto undisclosed. The ties to Kay's past are not all painful however, as we learn of a childhood treasure that Jane decides to embark on a quest for, alongside Larry.

We also see Vic team up with Rita, and get another TV trailer like the classic Steele and Stone, from "Finger Patrol". This one's a lot more 60s, and features The Beekeeper and Borg, done in the style of the classic UK Avengers TV show. Beekeeper could be my favourite superhero alias since the Bombastic Bag Man! Steed and Emma Peel would be proud.

Their quest also reveals some more about Roni's past (and present), and we find out that - after the events of "Dumb Patrol" - she's a lot stronger than anyone would've guessed.
More Dynamic Duos

My favorite part of the show features Cliff spending time with his daughter, Clara. Young Ms Steele turned up at Doom Manor at the end of "Dumb Patrol" and she's a delight. If you ever wondered whether any character could ever drop an expletive like Robotman, then I guess the only thing I can say is that this particular apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Speaking of pairings - and fathers and daughters - The Chief and Dorothy have some adventures of their own. Sadly, the spectre of Niles' imminent demise, Dorothy's growing powers and awareness of coming of age, come to a head. We witness scenes that the greatest horror movies would be proud of, as we catch up with Dorothy's mother, and the Candlemaker starts to make his presence felt.
We also get the welcome return of Mark Sheppard's Willoughby Kipling, and meet some of his associates, including the wonderful Bunbury. This guy's going to really tickle fans of the weird and wonderful. He's SO Doom Patrol.

Also, watch out for a heated phone conversation between Niles and Kipling, it really takes the cake!


Woo... there's a hell of a lot happening, so much in fact that I have no clue how they'll be able to wrap it all up in next week's season finale. Will Jane be able to help Kay and stabilise the underground? Will Rita become a Superhero? Can Roni and Dorothy be saved? Just what is the mysterious glowing substance in Roni's phial? Is there anything that can stop the Candlemaker?

All these questions and more will (hopefully) be answered in "Wax Patrol". I can't wait.
Images Courtesy of WBTV Distribution


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