Review: Harley Quinn – Black + White + Red #1.1

"Harleen: Red"
Writer and Artist: Stjepan Šejiċ
Letterer: Gabriela Downie
Review by Kendra Hale

The Other Side Of The Glass

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #1.1 starts off a series that comes out every Friday in digital format, and gives us little ten-page stories from Harley’s world.  When I saw that the first story was by Stjepan Šejiċ and Gabriela Downie, the team that gave us literally one of the best Harley Quinn stories ever, I jumped at the chance to get back into that world, even if only briefly. Harleen was one of those stories that not only gave us a fresh look at how Harleen Quinzel became Harley Quinn, but also new views on all of the characters that made up her life. “Harleen: Red” lets us dive right back into that beautiful world. 

Red Is The Color Of

We catch up with Harley in Arkham Asylum. She’s with Dr. Leah, who’s struggling to find out why, when Harley’s alone in her cell, she talks to someone and uses the word red to address them. Leah tries a psychological color test, to try to get Harley to tell her just what about red is so important. The staff of Arkham is in for a surprise, however, when they find out just what Harley’s about, and fans of Stjepan Šejiċ’s Harleen series are in for a major dose of fan service.

Breaking Out

Seeing Šejiċ and Gabriela Downie, giving us another taste of the world they’d created for the Harleen series, was absolutely brilliant. Both bring their A-game, and give us a short, simple, and sweet tale that’s practically perfect in every way. We get immersed in a world that was waiting for us to just jump headfirst back into, and it was a wonderful way to open up the Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red series.


What Stjepan Šejiċ and Gabriela Downie have created in “Harleen: Red” is a story for the ages. For me, it’s the best Harley Quinn short story I’ve ever read, and it will stand at the top of my list when I tell fans where they should look for a representation, that not only gives Harley Quinn the justice she deserves as a character, but also expands on who she is as a person. If Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #1.1 is an example of how good this series is going to be, then we as fans and readers are in for a treat for a few weeks to come. 

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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