Review: Justice League Dark #24

"As Above, So Below"
Writer: Ram V
Artist: Amancay Nahuelpan
Color Artist: June Chung
Letterer: Rob Leigh

Review by Steve J. Ray

Phew! After the thrill ride that was “The Parliaments Of Life” storyline, writer Ram V has delivered a welcome opportunity to catch our collective breaths, with the calmer paced Justice League Dark #24. I’m not saying that there’s no action in the book, far from it, but this chapter’s sowing seeds, and giving us hints, and dark portents, of what’s to come.

This issue is the first to give Ram a solo credit as writer, and this is a big deal. James Tynion IV recreated this series, and in doing so gave me my favorite ongoing Justice League title. I’ve said before that I was a little worried when Tynion moved to Batman (where he’s doing great things, IMHO) but Mr V has laid my fears to rest.

Both writers clearly homage, and love, the work of Alan Moore and the original Vertigo comics. This issue, and the recent return of Buddy Baker (Animal Man), highlight this. As someone who was saved from giving up on comics by those selfsame books, I find this approach very welcome indeed.

Masters Of The Dark Art

As if following in James Tynion’s shoes wasn’t enough, the art team had the unenviable task of taking over from my favorite penciller/inker combo: Álvaro Martínez Bueno, and Raül Fernandez. I have to say that Kyle Hotz, and this issue’s artist, Amancay Nahuelpan, have done a fantastic job.

I’ve been a fan of Amancay’s work for a while now, and frequently converse with him on Twitter. His art, with phenomenal colors by June Chung, is amazing in this issue too. Just look at page one, and the gorgeous double spread from pages 2 and 3, reproduced above! Pure magic.

Rob Leigh’s more than earned his page rate this month, too! Ram V is a writer who writes, and Rob’s had to transfer a ton of dialogue and narration onto these pages. He’s performed admirably, of course, and his title page designs are always stellar.

This new creative team is making this old fan-boy very happy.


While Zatanna’s actions are cause for concern, and the scene on pages 2 and 3 has left me extremely anxious, there’s one thing I’m sure of after reading Justice League Dark #24. The future of this series, which features some of my favorite characters, looks like it’s in very safe hands.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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