Review: Young Justice #17


"The Now"

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & David Walker
Artist: Scott Godlewski
Color Artist: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by Philip Clark

After some pretty intense recent issues, Young Justice #17 takes a step back and slows things down. This month the story focuses on the effect that the newly formed group has on others.

Though we get a much slower read this time, that doesn’t take anything away from the issue. There are plenty of fantastic character moments just begging to be read.

Learning From Our Elders

I always enjoy reading the interactions between the young budding heroes and their mentors. Bendis does fantastically well writing the awkwardness between Superboy and Superman, and the super-speed conversation between Impulse and The Flash matched the personalities of each perfectly. I always feel sorry for writers that have take a well known character and input them into their story. There’s so much scrutiny that comes with writing characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. I feel that Bendis and Walker do a brilliant job writing them. I also find it extremely interesting that Batman still chooses to call Drake, Robin, even more that he still responds to it. Also, the fact that Batman only says three words throughout the comic, and yet is still feared and respected, is incredible!

Bendis continues to tease us with snippets from previous issues. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl have a brief conversation about the path that Zeus has set out for Cassie, which was briefly brought into the narrative back in Young Justice #2, and was then never spoken about again. We’re also continuously teased with very, very brief interactions between Teen Lantern and the other Green Lanterns. In this issue it’s with John Stewart, and even then it’s only in a passing moment during the speedsters chat.

I want more Bendis! Stop teasing us!

This issue is beautifully drawn too. The artwork in comics can sometimes be very under appreciated, but Scott Godlewski does an absolutely marvellous job in this issue. There’s a lot going on in every panel, yet nothing ever seems out of place or too crowded. It takes a true artist to make an art of work like that.


Young Justice #17 was a very good issue, one that takes a step back from the fast-paced hell ride that the rest of the series has been. It was definitely a much needed change of pace. I feel that, if Bendis and Walker had kept up with the heart pounding action, I would’ve needed a new heart!

This one’s well worth picking up.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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