Review: Sleeping Beauties #1

 "Sleeping Beauties" Part One (Based on the Novel by Stephen King and Owen King)
Adapted by: Rio Youers
Artist: Alison Sampson
Color Artist: Triona Tree Farrell
Letterer: Christa Miesner

Review by Kendra Hale

Hello Gorgeous

Oh, what a wonderful world, where books are adapted to as graphic novels. If you've read the book you may know what to expect story-wise... but this artwork! You just have to see it for yourself.

Let's dig right into this review of Sleeping Beauties #1.

The Town Of Dooling

In Sleeping Beauties #1 we're introduced to the characters who live in the town of Dooling. A mysterious young woman greets us right at the beginning, and she's much more than she seems. We meet Dr. Norcross who works as a psychiatrist at the local prison, his son Jared, and his wife Lila, who's the town Sheriff. 

Strange things are happening in the world, and they've found their way to Dooling. A mysterious sleeping sickness is spreading, but it seems to only be affecting women. Aurora Flu, as it's being called, also causes a weird cocoon-like material to encase its victim's faces. Could the mysterious woman, who's found herself in Sheriff Norcross's cruiser, hold any answers?

The Avon Lady

I really don't think I could praise this opener more. Sleeping Beauties #1 is full of great introductions, and the artwork's stunning. I enjoyed every page and can't wait to see what the art team brings going forward, as this issue felt like watching a dream unfold. Huge respect to Alison Sampson and Triona Tree Farrell, for not only delivering splendid art, but for grabbing readers by the throat from the first page and leading us along.

Also... Bunny! Enough said. 


I was expecting great things from this comic, and I wasn't disappointed! Sleeping Beauties #1 starts off with the right dose of mystery and intrigue, with matching visuals. Kudos to an excellent first issue. I look forward to my next visit to Dooling, and to watching the story as it gives us answers.

So readers, have you had a chance to read Sleeping Beauties #1 yet? What was your favorite moment? Let me know in the comments below and I will see you next time for Issue #2!

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