Review: DCeased: Dead Planet #4

"Dead Planet" - Book Four

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Trevor Hairsine & Gigi Baldassini
Color Artist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: Saida Temofonte

Review by Steve J. Ray

Did you ever wonder how the New Gods were doing, while the world was ending the ant-life equation was running wild? Well, fret no more, as DCeased: Dead Planet #4 takes us to New Genesis, where Scott Free – AKA Mr. Miracle – experiences a family reunion… or two.

Last month our surviving heroes faced off against an un-living Plastic Man, and this time they need the power of the Mobius Chair to tap into Cyborg’s subconscious, which could hold the cure the plague ravaging the Earth.

Apokolips… WOW

This issue keeps the surprises coming. We learn the truth about Kryptonian/Human hybrids, we see great detectives at work, discover how to sweet talk Metron, and that they never really die… even when they’re already dead. Tom Taylor’s fertile imagination is still working on overdrive, and we’re the ones fortunate enough to sample the fruits of his fever tree.

Trevor Hairsine and Gigi Baldassini continue to deliver shockingly gorgeous visuals, to accompany the gorgeously shocking storyline. Their versions of the New Gods are as terrific as all the other characters they’ve illustrated, but one in particular comes as a big… nay, huge surprise. As always the creators of this wonderful series close the issue on a cliffhanger of Apokoliptic proportions.

Once again, I must also thank Rain Beredo and Saida Temofonte for their colors and letters, even if it’s just for their gorgeous and original BOOM tube, on page one.


DCeased: Dead Planet #4 passes the halfway mark of this stellar tale with flying colors. Look out for the expressions on Green Canary’s face, and that of her (un)dead lover, Green Arrow, for two great examples of terrific storytelling, and tension building. Smile at all the gorgeous, subtle, yet spot-on perfect characterizations, and then gasp at the unexpected twist at the end of the book.

I suspect that things are going to get explosive in the final three issues of this series. I can’t wait.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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