Review: Young Justice #19

"Gods And Monsters"

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & David Walker
Artist: Scott Godlewski
Color Artist: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Wes Abbott

Review by Philip Clark

Young Justice #19 is here, and as I was reading the issue I found myself growing more and more excited to write the review. Greek gods and mythical beings? That’s my thing, I’ve always held an interest in that sort of stuff.

As soon as I saw the cover for this week’s issue I was excited. I knew it was going to be an excellent read, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Gods Amongst Men

While Drake and Spoiler were away last issue, Wonder Girl was going through her own family issues, as being the granddaughter of Zeus comes with a number of challenges. Rejecting the ways of the Pantheon, Cassie brings about the wrath of her grandfather. Or so she thinks.

Wonder Girl undergoes a series of tests that are made for the gods themselves. Luckily, she has some help! Her trusted friends jump in to help her fend off hordes of monsters.

Young Justice #19 answers a cliff-hanger question that we have been dangling from since issue 2! What an answer it is, too! The team is finally coming together as a young Justice League. This is exactly something that I can imagine the adult team jumping in to help Wonder Woman out with, if she were in a similar predicament.

The artwork in this issue is quite honestly Godlewski at his best. The fight scenes are epic, the monsters terrifying, and you can feel the gravitas and power that Zeus holds. This issue’s quite simply faultless.


Bendis is quite well known for leaving a plot hook like that simmering for a while, so I’m not surprised that it took him 17 issues to get bring about the resolution. What I am surprised at, is how perfectly written the issue was. Wonder Girl has always been one of my favourite characters, and seeing an issue like this focused on her put a smile on my face. I’d love more chapters like this, focusing on a character’s story arc and progression, with the team fully supporting them.

Great work from all involved.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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