Review: Evil Cast #3 and #4

"Evil Cast"
Writer: Kyle Stück
Artist: Enrico Orlandi
Editing, Text and Covers: Noah Baslé

Review by Tony Farina

Hello dear readers. It's been too long. Sorry... how are you? Well, I hope. Thank you for welcoming me back to the fold.

I have some great news! Evil Cast issues #3 and #4 are out, they're FREE on Ominous Media and they are AMAZING!

Back again are writer and creator Kyle Stück, and artist Enrico Orlandi to regale us with tales of fictional Kyle and Noah, hosts of the Evil Cast Podcast, as they run for their lives, crack jokes and... run for their lives. Yes, I know I said that part twice. They're in danger a lot in these two issues, as the baddies are out to get them, they know exactly where to find them, and they're pissed. 

The best thing about Kyle's writing technique, is that he knows how to pace a story. He never rushes us. He lets everything move at a pace that makes sense to, and for, the characters. The thing about horror tropes is that fans know they exist, and want them to be in place. Kyle chooses to let them play out, but then he plays with them.

The Kyle and Noah of the story are not suddenly calm, cool and collected, but nor do they just run into a burning field that's also bleeding, and is full of blonde children waving at them. They react the way NORMAL people would react. It's so smart. 
Enrico Orlandi's talents are immense, and he has no problem showing them off here. His style captures the tone of this book perfectly. Yes, comedy horror has a tone, and you know it when you see it in a movie. Now, imagine it in a comic. Can't do it? Here. I'll help.

In issue #4 Kyle is possessed. Things are bad. In a regular horror story, there is one way to go. In a horror comedy, well... it's just perfect. Look above.

Really? You still don't believe me? Well, fine then... here's the final page, which is pure magic.

The team over at Ominous Media have decided that they are going to give readers this kind of A+ entertainment for FREE... that's crazy! I have read a ton of books for which I've paid a billion times more than zero (wait, that is still zero hmmm)... OK. I've read a ton of books for which I've paid actual money, and I've been let down.

Evil Cast is fast, funny, and the twists and turns keep coming. When the fourth issue came out, I'd just emerged from a three hour meeting, which was pretty mind melting. I received the notification of issue #4 and my day went from 0-10 in mere seconds.

If you need a quick pick me up, you should head on over to Ominous Media and check this out. You'll be so happy you did.
Images Courtesy of Ominous Media


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