Review: Victor And Nora – A Gotham Love Story

"Victor And Nora - A Gotham Love Story"

Writer: Lauren Myracle
Artist: Isaac Goodhart
Colorist: Cris Peter
Letterer: Steve Wands
Review by Kendra Hale

Fire And Ice

Victor And Nora - A Gotham Love Story came to me as a most welcome surprise. For the record one of my favorite characters from the Gotham Universe is Mr. Freeze. His story throughout the years has been not only tragic, but also gives credence my theory that when faced with paths, the scale tips depending upon our view. Considered a villain, his choices have always been motivated by something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum of evil… they have been decided by love. His love for the woman who brought joy into his life, his Nora.

I honestly went into this review blind and solely on the knowledge of the characters that were featured. I am intensely glad I did.

You Are 16 Going On 17

Set in June of 2021 we get a modern telling Victor and Nora’s story. Victor is 17 and has cut himself off from everyone and everything around him after the death of his brother Otto, for which he blames himself. Nora and her family are coming back to Gotham because Nora is counting down to her 17th birthday, a day in which she plans to take her own fate into her hands. With two months to go, visiting her Mother’s grave, she meets Victor and their paths are set.

With completely contrasting views on life and death, they both bring each other out of their respective shells. Victor is an intern at Boyle Labs and enjoys showing Nora all the advancements he’s making, in his task of perfecting his invention Accela-Freeze. This is a new cryogenic process that not only preserves cellular integrity, but also facilitates the healing of pre-existing tissue damage. Nora loves his passion, but she’s fighting her own battles against time, and her mind. In the battle for love certain paths are unavoidable, and difficult decisions must be made.

My Heart Will Go On

I’m trying to keep my review for the brilliance that is Victor And Nora – A Gotham Love Story as spoiler free as possible, however for those familiar with their tale, it’s unavoidable to know what lies ahead. Honestly though, that doesn’t even enter your mind as you sink into the meat of this book. Every piece falls into place with perfection, from the use of colors to tell the story, to the relatable references found in the book.

There’s so much attention to detail, and that’s a superb credit to writer Lauren Myracle. The disease that Nora has is named Chrysalisis and is akin to Alzheimer’s, or Dementia. As someone who’s taken courses, and works with individuals with these diseases, there are details put into this book that hit the heart. For example, Nora refers to the end stage of the disease and states that she will become “Not Nora”, that she will fade, and there are several times where we see her re-asking questions or re-stating a comment she already has before.

There’s a depth and familiarity to this world, and it’s created from the two part point of view story line, as well as incorporating engaging, relatable, and fully realized versions of these characters that’s fresh and brand new. The artwork by Isaac Goodhart is stunning and makes the characters stand out vividly. The colors by Cris Peter set the mood from the very beginning, and almost become characters themselves, as they too tell a story. The lettering by Steve Wands is beautiful, especially in scenes with Nora’s crow. This book is literally a stage for this team to present their talents, and is well deserving of a standing ovation.


I stated at the beginning of my review that I came into Victor And Nora – A Gotham Love Story with no expectations, just a love for these characters and their stories. This book is an absolute gem, and a shining light of all-in-one storytelling. I’m selfishly greedy, and would love to see another book telling the next part of their story, a dip back into this fully realized world. The changing styles of art are probably one of my favorite parts because, as a Tim Burton fan, you get an extra special treat in this book that just adds icing, candles, the warmth of family and friends, singing to you all into the meal that this book is.

This review may have been a surprise, but of the very best kind. This is the type of surprise that you hold near and dear, and that makes you thankful for the chance of reading it. The kind of surprise that sticks with you, and makes you crave more like it.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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