The Fantastic Universes Podcast Returns


Article by Adam Ray

It's been far too long that we've been away from your ear buds and your imagination, ladies and gentlemen, trees and nonbinaries.

It's with great pride and excitement, we here at Fantastic Universes can proudly announce that the Fantastic Universes podcast has boldly returned with one of its key titles.

Wayward Rewatch was a joint venture suggested to me by collaborator and dear friend Fay. Just a little way to catch up with a long and winding show like Supernatural from the very beginning. Eager to do it, she was at a loss for a name, and I gave her the title of the show as a means of saying, yes I'm in.

In our latest instalment, we talk about season three in its entirety. The demise of Gordon, Bela Talbot, the first mentions of Lilith, and the heartbreaking drag of Dean to Hell, left us reeling, despite being longstanding fans of the show.

To hear our chatter yourself, you can find it on Apple podcasts right here, or wherever you normally get your podcasts.

What's Next?

With this title taking a heroic return, we have to ask ourselves as creators what we can expect next from the Fantastic Universes podcast? 

I have many an idea, inspired by my one true love, and the subject of my extensive YouTube back catalogue. There's going to be a reworking of the old Adam's Dragon Cave. It'll be renamed, rebranded to follow my channel, The Hostile Atmosphere. My gaming related podcast, where a friend and I discuss a game we love and our experiences playing it will henceforth be called The Hostile Takeover. Look for discussions on Dead by Daylight, Fall Guys, and Spellbreak coming soon to your podcast feed, as well as in depth looks at the Legends of Runeterra spoilers coming this December.

The comicbook side of Fantastic Universes are working on new premises, coming to your airwaves in the new year. Keep your ears peeled for wherever you get your podcasts.


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