Review: Teen Titans: Endless Winter #1

"Endless Winter" - Chapter Six

Writers: Ron Marz and Andy Lanning
Artists: Jesus Merino, Cam Smith and Marco Santucci
Color Artists: Hi-Fi and Arif Prianto
Letterers: Rob Leigh and Troy Peteri

Review by Steve J. Ray


I’m so glad this comic exists. Not only does Teen Titans: Endless Winter #1follows on directly from the final issue of the Team’s ongoing series, but it references what’s gone on with them right up to that point, continues their story, and gives us an action-packed Endless Winter Crossover. I haven’t been given a chance to mourn one of my favorite titles because, as a certain blue metahuman once famously said, “nothing ever ends”. This makes me very happy.


Writers Ron Marz and Andy Lanning have done a great job of satisfying fans of the Teen Titans series, and newcomers who may have just jumped on board for the Endless Winter event. This issue gives us great moments with the team that was, and with legacy Titans Donna Troy and Beast Boy mentoring and training the newbies. Oh, and fans who felt like they’d never see the romance between Kid Flash and Red Arrow blossom, there’s a lovely moment in there for you (us?) too!

The art on both the Flashback sequence and the main story is phenomenal, and the two art teams don’t clash, or distract the reader’s attention. The opening scene, between the heroes of the past, grabs our interest from the get-go, and the modern day events are every bit as fascinating. This is great writing and, as you’d want from your comics, the art is every bit as good.


Teen Titans fans not following the ongoing Endless Winter crossover may be scratching their heads at the start of this book, but once you’re caught up with the team of today, and they head out to face the icy onslaught of the villain in the now, I’m fairly sure everything will get cleared up.


Teen Titans: Endless Winter #1 is pretty terrific. Any book that can satisfy old fans, and help pave the path towards their future is a winner in my book. The creative team honors the recent past, the team’s rich history, and gives us an non-stop, fun and action filled comic-book romp. For me this issue is a winner and a keeper.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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