‘Exploring Gotham City’ Insight Editions’ Latest Book Takes Deep Look Into Batman’s Home

Article by Steve J. Ray

The amazing Insight Editions have announced another great new Batman/DC title, Exploring Gotham City.

Insight produce the most gorgeous art and reference books money can buy, and I’m a huge fan of their work. They make amazing books for children, for adults, and even for those - like me - that are somewhere between the two.

The latest volume is written by the amazing Matthew K. Manning, a friend of Fantastic Universes, and a firmly established authority on everything Batman related, so I can’t wait to read this book!

Here’s the official press release, direct from Insight Editions:

EXPLORING GOTHAM CITY – Insight Editions; March 16, 2021

This new book combines striking full-color illustrations of Gotham City with interactive elements that reveal the secrets of the most fascinating locations from the birthplace of the Dark Knight.

Explore famous landmarks like the Batcave, Arkham Asylum, and Wayne Manor and uncover the mysteries of Gotham City.

The first in a series of large-scale interactive books that explore the iconic locations from the world of DC, Exploring Gotham City is the perfect book for readers of all ages who want to investigate the tumultuous city Batman calls home.

Matthew K. Manning is a comic book writer, historian, and fan. He’s written comics for DC Comics and Marvel, including Beware the BatmanBatman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles AdventuresSpider-Man Unlimited, and Marvel Romance Redux. When not writing comics themselves, he writes books about the comic book medium and its rich history.

How awesome does that sound? Plus the fact that this volume is just the first of a new series? Where will Insight Editions take us next? Metropolis? Central City? Apokolips? The possibilities are endless, and I’m on board, no matter what!

Exploring Gotham City has a March 16th release date, and don’t forget; Fantastic Universes readers can claim 35% off their orders from Insight Editions by entering the code DKN 35 at checkout!

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Insight Editions


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