Miracle Molly Is Coming To The Pages of Batman

Article by Steve J. Ray

James Tynion’s Batman run has introduced many memorable new characters. Clownhunter, Ghost-Maker, and the internet breaking Punchline. Could he be onto another winner, with his cute, psychedelic, colorful criminal; the enigmatically named Miracle Molly?

Please DC… tell us more!


Plus Legend of the Ghost-Maker Continues!

On Sale May 4, 2021

The Batman team of writer James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez blew the roof off of Gotham City in 2020, with a combination of spellbinding storytelling and unforgettable art. This collaboration resulted in instant classics like Batman: Their Dark Designs and Batman: The Joker War. The pair also introduced new and unforgettable characters to the Bat-mythos, such as The Designer, Punchline, Clownhunter and Ghost-Maker.


On May 4, Tynion and Jimenez are at it again, introducing a brand new villain, Miracle Molly, in the pages of Batman #108.


Going undercover to learn more about the sudden appearance of the transhumanist Unsanity Collective, Batman meets Miracle Molly, the Collective’s second-in-command and a full-blown engineering genius that can repair any kind of tech. But her appearance and the plans of the Unsanity Collective are only one of the mysteries that the Dark Knight will need to solve before he’s done:


  • After the events of Arkham Day, what does The Scarecrow have planned for Gotham City?
  • What plans does Simon Saint have for A-Day survivor Sean Mahoney
  • How do they connect to Mayor Christopher Nakano and The Magistrate?

If that isn’t enough, Tynion and artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz continue the high-octane action and adventure of Batman’s frenemy Ghost-Maker in part two of “Legend of the Ghost-Maker.” In this fast-paced chapter, can Ghost-Maker stand up to the horror that is… Kid Kawaii?


This 40-page, $4.99 thrill ride features a main cover by Jimenez, with a stunning portrait-style variant cover by fan-favorite artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, plus a 1:25 variant card stock cover by Riccardo Federici for $5.99.

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From her mismatched eyes, to her cosmically colored costume, I’m already invested in Miracle Molly. She has a Delirium of the Endless vibe, that just calls out to me, so I can’t wait to meet her! Here’s looking forward to Batman #108.

Images and press release courtesy of DC Entertainment


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