Review: Future State - Catwoman #2

“The Great Train Robbery” –  Finale

Writer: Ram V

Artist: Otto Schmidt
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Review by Adam Ray

The daring efforts which hung over from Part One continue in Future State: Catwoman #2. Our hero’s in dire straits, and the truly apocalyptic vision of this future of DC only looks all the more grim. The tension is consistently high, and we really feel it for our heroes, as they struggle against the intense odds set out by this grim tomorrow.

The excellent, deep blue colour scheme has continued into this issue. We’re reminded constantly that the future beyond this train is cold and unwelcoming. The concise, sharp panels keep up the feeling of it being truly claustrophobic inside the train, and we get a wonderful shot towards the end of the issue, where two key characters dominate a very open, scenic shot (technically) outside it. When you combine the cool colour scheme with the intense reds we get when Catwoman’s under stress, and the numerous explosions, they offset the cool tones that the events of the issue are trapped in.

I truly hope that we get to see more of Onomatopoeia as this series goes on. I site Cacophony as a truly masterful portrait of the Batman/Joker relationship, unlike two or three other stories I can think of.

Catwoman’s struggle is what keeps us panting between panels. The tight timings of the plan, and the intricate details always leave us wondering all the ways things could go wrong. Unintentional tension, alongside the endlessly condescending captain, leave us rooting for familiar heroes in an unfamiliar future, the whole issue through.


The dramatic events have reached their dramatic end in Future State: Catwoman #2,  We wonder what the fate of our heroes in this world will be, but when everything’s presented this well, in a story that makes us feel what the protagonists feel, then we’re compelled to want to know more.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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