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Article by Adam Ray

It's a big day here for all you fine people in the Fantastic Nation. Short version, our Patreon is now live, and we'd be eternally grateful if you pledged what you could right here.

Fantastic Universes has been committed to bringing high quality news, reviews, and positive opinion pieces across all of popular culture. Our love of comics is where we've started, but now we have a team that looks in depth at card gaming, PC gaming, tabletop fiction, hard hitting fiction, and that's only some of it! We've been looking hard at what we can do to expand, and the continued readership of everyone out there has been immense. We are so grateful to each and every read, like, and share.

Now it's time to level up.

Over on our Patreon, we have some truly great perks. Every Patron will get to see posts a whole week before they'd come out here. Depending on the article is, you can see some things a few days, or up to a week early.

Those able to pledge a tiny bit more get several additional benefits. For avid listeners of our podcasts, they get to hear their versions completely ad-free. On top of that, we've opened up a section for "fan requests". Got a book or comic you want us to review? Want a deep dive on a game you're hesitant to play? If you're a patron and you reach out to us, we'll be more than happy to give it a whirl and talk about it just for you.

For the truly amazing patrons among you, all of the above is true, plus a chance for you to get to know the fine team here at Fantastic Universes with monthly AMA's. Lastly, many must have seen Fantastic's Creator Steve Ray's excellent recolours of comic stills around. If you have art you want recoloured or a commission for an art piece, your name will be added to the laundry list for him to finish in a commission.

What Happens Now?

We'd never ask everyone to become a Patron. Reading, listening, and sharing our content is more than we could ask for. This fine website is not going anywhere. All our content will still end up here for your reading pleasure. There'll just be a little time between when it goes on our Patreon page, than to when it comes here.

This is the big push for Fantastic Universes to become the hub for news and thought pieces from across popular culture. With your continued support, we can really make something fantastic.


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