Review: Geiger #3

Geiger – Book Two

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank
Color Artist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Reviewed by Steve J. Ray

Action, heartbreak, and revelations. Geiger #3 is a comic that’s full of emotion, and answers; not only do we get a payoff to the events of issue #2, we also learn more of why Geiger is the way he is, and see his first encounter with the KIng. Wow, now I know that story, I’m more concerned than ever… not necessarily for Geiger’s safety, but for the sanity of his adversary.

Geoff Johns is dropping breadcrumbs, and I’m picking them up like a ravenous duck. With every prologue, we learn more and more about the central character’s past, and the way that Johns is weaving his tale, jumping between the past and the present, is sucking me in.

Not all the reveals are subtle though, as there are two massive moments in this issue that hit me right in the gut. This isn’t a simple action, or sci-fi comic, there’s a superb level of characterization, and really deep dives into human psychology. This is entertainment that’s deep, not throwaway.

Off The Scale

The art in its book is phenomenal. Gary Frank and Brad Anderson just get better, and better, and better. The energy flows from these pages; both the radioactive kind and through the powerfully emotional character interactions. Frank’s expressive faces, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and two-headed mutant pooches are all given glorious life by Anderson’s sublime colors. This world feels dangerous, and you can almost feel the heat; from irradiated deserts, glowing protectors, and smoldering ruins.

Rob Leigh’s letters are as explosive and resplendent as the title character.


If I was the King I’d be annoyed at Geiger, too. If I was Geiger, however, I may have reacted even more emotionally than even he did. There’s a line of dialogue after my guts got kicked in, that Geiger confronts the King with that will haunt me forever. The fires of rage and vengeance burn within him, and his response to the situation is both fitting, and terrifying.

Geiger #3 ticks all the boxes, yet leave me thinking that however hot things were in this issue, they may be positively arctic when compared to what comes next. I can’t wait.

Artwork Courtesy of Image Comics


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