Book Review: Sideshow: Capturing Archetypes Vol. 4 *Gift Idea*

Sideshow: Capturing Archetypes Vol. 4

Writer: Andrew Farago

Review by Adam Ray

Art books are a staple for those who truly love a niche hobby and want to look at its media very closely, or for those who like books big and heavy enough to commit bodily harm or build a house. My own collection features the artwork from a beloved card game, but now I've expanded my collection to include this gem.

Sideshow Collectibles are the masters of exquisitely detailed, hyper-realistic statues of beloved characters from across popular culture. This book is a treasure trove of detailed photographs, reference art, design sketches, and the process of making some of their best recent pieces.

Collected like this, we get to see the process of how these amazing works of art are made. It's easy to be blown away by how good they look visually, but in this book, as well laid out as it is, the behind-the-scenes glimpses give a real insight into true art as a process.

The words of Andrew Farago have been well-curated to show each piece with equal levels of care and attention, meaning that this moves away from being just a regular artbook and more like a museum in your hands.


I think that the kind of person who would appreciate this kind of book would be the type who already loves fine art and realistic architecture. I also believe that everyone will appreciate the intricacy, beauty, and all-around awesomeness of the art that can be seen in these pages.

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