Book Review: Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Vol. 2 *Gift Idea*

Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Vol. 2

Writer: Andrew Farago
Artists: Allen Williams, Alex Garner, Alex Ross, Mark Brooks, Fabian Schlaga, Heon-Hwa Choe, Anthony Francisco, Jon FosterIan MacDonald, Alex Pascenko, David Palumbo, Dave Wilkins, Stephen Schirle, Matt Ryan Tobin, Doo-Chun, Paolo Rivera, R.J. Palmer, Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, Olivia De Berardinis, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Adam Hughes, Tom Jilesen, Josh Nizzi, Jimmy Xu, Andy Park, Daniel Picard, Alex Horley, Ryan Meinerding, Brian Rood, Anthony Francisco, Adi Granov, Walter, O'Neal, Hoi Mun Tham, David Igo, Karla Ortiz, Jenny Frison, Dan Colonna, Darren Tan, Derrick Chew

Review by Steve J. Ray

It's no secret that Insight Editions publishes the most beautiful, lavish, high-quality art books money can buy. The entire world knows that Sideshow Collectibles produces the most exciting and gorgeous art prints available anywhere. When these two giants combine, everybody wins.

Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Vol. 2 is a giant book that should be left out for people to see when they visit. It collects pieces by some of the greatest fantasy, sci-fi, and comics artists on the face of the Earth, and is written by one of the greatest researchers in the business, and someone who just happens to be a really nice guy, too. Andrew Farago's name appears on some of my favorite books of all time, and he's also the gent behind the text in this little(?) beauty. Not only goes this wonderful tome present some of the finest pieces Sideshow has to offer, on gorgeous high-gloss paper stock, but we also get bios for all the artists. and even quotes from industry legends; Allen Williams, Alex Garner, Alex Ross, Mark Brooks, Fabian Schlaga, Heon-Hwa Choe, Anthony Francisco, and Jon Foster.

So, unlike some art books which contain great images, this one is also a fascinating and entertaining read.


Whatever you're into, this book has something for you. Court of The Dead, comics, movies, and more. Even if you're not into any of those things, if you appreciate beautiful art then I'm sure there's something in these pages for you to love.

As a huge fan of all the incredible talents whose work is showcased in this book, you can imagine that I love everything in it! As a comics and movie lover, this collection ticks all of my boxes; Jedi, Sith, Universal Monsters, Marvel superheroes and villains, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, The Walking Dead. Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Vol. 2 is 300 pages of sheer awesomeness.

Review Copy Courtesy of Insight Editions. Images May be Subject To Copyright.

Available to order from Insight Editions, Sideshow Collectibles, Amazon, and all good booksellers. ISBN: 978-1-64722-425-7


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