By Fay Clark

The festive cheer is now over, as we go into another year. I hope you all had a brilliant last month of 2021, reading and otherwise! There is much excitement about what challenges I get to bring into this new year. January has a bit of a theme. Second chances and new opportunities, but like for books and reading! I hope you all had a smashing new years and can't wait to get into some 2022 reading!

Challenge 1 - Read the newest book you purchased.

Challenge 2 - Read a book you wanted to finish by the end of 2021, but didn't get the chance to.

Challenge 3 - Read the next book in a series that you started, or start a new series.

Challenge 4 - Read a book that you started but never finished. Go give it a second chance.

Challenge 5 - Book of the Month has swung back round to the big boss himself. Steve's pick for this month (because his wife is reading it and thinks it great! Thanks Jacqui). Read "This Much is True by Miriam Margoyles".

Okay peeps. I hope these challeneges set your year of to a great start. Let's go! Don't forget to come see me on our Instagram page for more updates throughout the month! @FanUniverses

Book Queen Out!


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