By Fay Clark

I don't know about you, but second chances have served me very well. I did amazingly in my January reading. What a great start to the year. Now we get to move onto the second month, all about Looruve. Although this is an obvious choice I thought it would be very fun to theme around, and if you're like me... you don't read a lot of romance. Push the boat out Read a romance, there are plenty of fish in the sea to choose from!

Challenge 1 - Read a Contemporary book.

Challenge 2 - Read a Romance.

Challenge 3 - Read a book that had Red/Pink on the cover.

Challenge 4 - Read a book with a beautiful cover.

Challenge 5 - Book of the Month this Feb has been chosen by our resident Teach Tony! Thank you for the lovely recommendation that actually works for most of the Challenges! Read "The Rosie Project" by Graeam Simsion.

Really romantic dint you think. Why don't you got he extra mile and that yourself this month. Be in love with yourself first. That's what I plan on doing. Treating myself by readying books that I love. Don't forget to come see me on our Instagram page for more updates throughout the month! @FanUniverses

Book Queen Out!


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