Review: 2000 AD Encyclopedia

2000 A.D. Encyclopedia

Written by Scott Montgomery, Foreword by Matt Smith
Review by Tony Farina, with special thanks to Net Galley and Rebellion Publishing for the ARC.
So, the world's greatest comic magazine has decided to finally, give us a one-stop-shop for all the goods. Sure, the internet exists, of course, one could, if they wanted, find all the information presented in this epic, 336-page tome, around the web. That's still an option for all of y'all who think that encyclopedias are dead.

For those of us who still have pocket dictionaries sitting on our desks and those who spent the extra money on a big tablet to make sure our digital comics were the same size and shape as a regular comic (OK, OK, Gen Xers, though I'm talking to you I also know I'm describing myself up there), this book is a dream come true.
Reminiscent of the 1980s classic Who's Who in the DC Universe, this book acts as both a reference tool and insightful commentary on each character, with handy "Situation Reports" and "Supplemental Reports."

Readers have the chance to not only see which Prog their favorite character first appeared, but who created them, what their personalities are, who they most align with, and who they work against. Obviously, some of the heavy hitters have much bigger entries, but no one who's ever appeared in the beautiful pages of 2000 A.D. or Deadline (including Tank Girl) is left out. 

In addition to giving readers deep dives into characters, Tharg has also seen fit to bestow us handy recaps of some of the most epic storylines. For those of us who, unlike our benevolent leader here at Fantastic Universes, did not collect 2000 A.D. from the very start, those summaries are just enough to wet our whistles and encourage us to go find them.
Run, don't walk. Buy this book NOW! Tharg demands it!
Images and review copy courtesy of Net Galley and Rebellion Publishing


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