By Fay Clark

Well, that was a short month! I'll have to remember that for next time, because I have to admit even I struggled to finish the challenges this month. I only just got in under the wire! I hope everybody else had a great reading month. This month, we have gone for yet another theme!! I really hope people can get into this months theme as I love it. March holds international woman's day and the UK's Mother's day. I have created the March challenges around this.

Challenge 1 - Read a book with a strong female lead.

Challenge 2 - Read a book written by a woman.

Challenge 3 - Read a graphic novel that has a female artist.

Challenge 4 - Read a book that reminds you of your mother.

Challenge 5 - March's book of the month was a great shout from Steve. We will be reading "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman. This consist of a strong female lead and, shall we say an interesting mother-daughter relationship.

WELP. This sounds like an awesome month! I can not wait to get started. LET'S GO LADIES. Don't forget to come see me on our Instagram page for more updates throughout the month! @FanUniverses

Book Queen Out!


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