By Fay Clark

That was such a success. I loved May's challenges. I read some fantastic book, and really enjoyed myself. I think giving every month a theme has really helped me be able to pick books I wouldn't normally read! It's also helped me to read all the books I've been buying! Haha. Well let's jump right into the JUNE CHALLENGES.

Challenge 1 - Read a book with Royalty in it.

Challenge 2 - Read a book with fairies as a main part of the story.

Challenge 3 - Read a book with a Queen in it.

Challenge 4 - Read a book that is set at Court.

Challenge 5 - Tony is back again with a smashing shout! The book of the month, staff pick is... "How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalastier". This sounds like so much fun, everyone had their own Fairy. Where do I sign up!

There are a list of books that I am excited to get to. I really hope some of them fit these challenges! Let's get stuck in. Have a magical month! Don't forget to come see me on our Instagram page for more updates throughout the month! @FanUniverses

Book Queen Out!


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