MCM Comic Con London Summer 2022

Article by Steve J. Ray

MCM Comic Con London returned to the ExCeL on May 27th-29th 2022 for an epic three-day celebration of all things pop culture. It was, without doubt, the biggest pop culture show of the year so far; with celebrity guests, panels, gaming and so much more.

Kite Man... Hell, Yeah!
Batman lives!
Riddle Me This!
Azarath, Metrion, Zynthos!
Harley Quinn from James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad'
Batdad and Robin
Batman '89 Forever
A Not So Dynamic Duo
Red Hood

For fans returning to cons for the first time since the end of UK lockdowns, including myself, the three days were a complete blast. The atmosphere was great, fans and cosplayers were out in full force, and the list of guests covered a broad spectrum.

The classic TARDIS console
Dalek 2005
TV Dalek
Dalek army
Vintage 1970s Dalek
Davros, creator of the Daleks
A Weeping Angel

Attending as a card-carrying member of the press was fantastic, as I got to meet and chat with a wealth of fans. Some were attending for the very first time, while others were convention veterans. All of them are wonderful.

Uh, oh... I'm in trouble
Tie Fighter Pilots
Imperial Troops
The Empire Strikes Back
This is the way
Just a simple man trying to find his way in the universe
Star Warriors
The Force is strong
Darth Maul
Walkers won't stand a chance
Negan and Lucille
Wait... I said I like Batman!
TV quality Walker
Well, Halo there!
One ring to rule them all
Mother Of Dragons
Enter The Spiderverse 2022
Mile Morales
Deadpool Multiverse
Marvel icons
Best Frenemies
Well Loki Here
Trying to keep things Loki
The One Who Knocks
A truly arrowing experience
Marvel Legends
Ahri (League of Legends)
Chandra Nalaar (Magic the Gathering)
Cloud, Aang, Scaramouche, Cindy Aurum (Final Fantasy, Avatar, Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy 15)
Denji and Power (Chainsaw Man)
Gwen (League of Legends)
The Huntress (Dead by Daylight)
Yor Forger (Spy x Family)

I was concerned and anxious about crowds, but the organizers of the MCM Comic Con London really knew what they were doing.  The London ExCel can easily accommodate 120,000 people and has done so in the past. This year (only) 60,000 tickets were available, so, even though the venue was sold out, I didn’t feel claustrophobic. While the venue was full of fans enjoying themselves, I felt safe and happy, as I’m sure did most of the attendees.

The Joker
Classic Harley Quinn meets some Marvel icons
Fighting Legends: Mr. Knight and Katana

The cosplayers really killed it this year. We had fans of all ages, covering every film, TV show, comic book, game, Manga, and Anime you could think of.

I also had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting and interviewing the wonderful Christian Ward, writer of Image Comics’ Blood Stained Teeth, and artist of the upcoming DC Black Label series, Aquaman: Andromeda. Please head over to our sister site, DC Comics News, to read it.

All in all, the 2022 MCM Comic Con London was fantastic fun. The best part? They’ll be back in October! Maybe I’ll see you there?

Images May Be Subject to Copyright. Special thanks to the wonderful Kemir'a Clan Community (Instagram, Facebook), and Get Kids Moving (YouTube, Instagram, email).


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