By Fay Clark

So, I bounced back with July. I managed to get all of my books read and challenges completed by the 5th of July!! I've just been chilling and reading whatever I'd like for the rest of the month. I had a lovely time, and I think I am finally over my reading slump. Fingers Crossed for another fantastic month with our AUGUST DO IT, BUY THE BOOK CHALLENGES.

Challenge 1 - Read a book you do not know much about.

Challenge 2 - Read a second hand book, or one from a library.

Challenge 3 - Complete a challenge you missed from a previous month.

Challenge 4 - Go on google and type in "Random Colour Wheel", whatever colour you get read a book with that colour cover.

Challenge 5 - My best friend picked the book this month, it's called "Doing Time" by Jodi Taylor. This reminds me of a mix between Season 1 of Loki and The Rookie. It sounds super fun and interesting.

Let's get going with these challenges. I can not wait to dive right in and get these done. Don't forget to come see me on our Instagram page for more updates throughout the month! @FanUniverses

Book Queen Out!


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