WASD Coverage - Little Goody Two Shoes

Article by Adam Ray

Japanese role playing games, or JRPGs for short, have certain stylistic choices that make them distinct. They have rich lore, anime style in their character design, lots of item management. Little Goody Two Shoes may not be made by a Japanese company, but they have many familiar takes on the genre, with very new style choices. I got the chance to play the opening beats of the story at WASD, and here's how it went.

Little Goody Two Shoes follows Elise, a girl from a provincial town in middle ages Europe. All she want sis to be prosperous and famous, until one fateful night. She wakes up in a strange palace, and finds herself pestered by the strange monsters that live there. She's thrust into a world of magic and mystery, taking us all on a grand adventure.

The artwork is a welcome clash of styles that blend together into the game. The pixelated style of the game makes it feel incredibly retro. There's elements of practical effects in some of the cutscenes. All of the character models seen in conversations are hand drawn; the art style reminds me of classic manga form the 1990s, especially in the Shoujo genre.

The tone of the game perfectly jumps between cheerful roleplay of cute anime girls, to the unnerving horror of weird creatures chasing our hero or the static and crackling screen to show a location change which is wildly contrary to all of the aesthetics of the game. 

A wild cast of characters exist in this village for you to talk to, or even romance? At the same time, pixel arcade style mini games make up the landscape all over the place, breaking up the play patterns giving something for everyone.

The combination of the cutesy-ness and the creepy really draws my curiosity. It's not the style of game that otherwise appealed to me without having tried it, but that pushing of comfort zones is so essential when thinking about games, a place where anyone can play any kind of game.

You can wishlist Little Goody Two Shoes on Steam right now!


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