WASD Coverage - A Little to the Left

Article by Adam Ray

The puzzle game market is vast and diverse. Independent creators are making quirky and innovative games all over the place, with unique ideas rubbing shoulders with the done to death match three style of game.

A Little to the Left is one such bold new puzzle game with a welcome set of twists. I got a chance to play it at this year's WASD, and was truly enchanted.

Each level is a little bit different, with a new way to organise the things on screen. Each item has a rough spun, homely touch to it because of the direct inspiration the developers had from stuff around their house.

Everything about the colour palette and the soundtrack just makes one feel at ease, even in the presence of tricky puzzles. Honestly, the neutral tones, rough hand drawn edges, and distinctly British sensibilities reminds me of indie point-and-click adventure When the Past Was Around.

A Little to the Left innovates in many ways on the puzzle genre for peaceful and thoughtful gameplay. If things are too tough, you can just "Let It Be" and move onto the next puzzle. Any game mechanic named after a Beatles song has to be good.

The devs' attitude how players think is important too. Firstly, there are multiple ways to solve each puzzle, which is a help of a revelation for a game in this genre. Not only that, through the power of the Steam player community, if a player comes up with a unique solution to a puzzle, the devs code it into the game.

A Little to the Left is the unexpected delight that many kinds of gamers deserve. Sometimes, I don't want a rich, flavourful stout at the pub, sometimes I want a jasmine pearl tea to let my mind expand in a peaceful game. Until the developer's cat scurries across the keyboard.

A Little to the Left is out right now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and more!

Which stamps go where? Image by Adam Ray


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