EGX Coverage - Billie Bust Up

Article by Adam Ray

EGX was a remarkable event for me as a gamer, a writer, and a human. I was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with personal heroes and some of the most ambitious new developers making new and fresh titles.

On the face of it, Billie Bust Up is a sweet 3d platformer developed by the fine people behind the Humble Bundle. There's a great deal of charm and whimsy in this title. Much like some of the other games I've seen at gaming events like this, it would never have been I'd consider picking up without a chance to try it, but that's the magic of events like this: it teaches me to broaden my play horizons.

Billie Bust Up somehow has the lightly matted polygon look and the cartoony character design that harkens the game back to Cartoon Network shows (and their respective games) from the early 2000s. 

There are influences in its art style that also very much indicate the now. The story of a character playing with their own mortality and the sinister bird and 2d animation of the game's early villain feel very much like the Viviziepop Animations Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel.

The biggest draw is that the game consistently commits to the adventure mechanics are rhythm based. The initial encounter with the big bad is a classic character-running-at-the-screen style of chase. The delightful song from the villain is a mixture of Disney goodness and the main theme of Dumb Ways to Die. The lyrics directly match the environmental hazards, and you do better by jumping to the music. That level of charm and design makes it all the more appealing to this reviewer.

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