EGX Coverage - Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Article by Adam Ray

Prince of Persia was always a franchise I was aware of but never myself played. From the time period and the general aesthetic, I was always more interested in Assassin's Creed, and my excitement for Mirage is very high. At EGX, I was able to play the demo version of the highly anticipated game, and had a very good time with it.

Everyone has been seeking a Sands of Time remaster for many years, and the longer it goes, the less likely this classic is getting the polish that we'd hope for. In the meantime, Lost Crown seeks to give us the frenetic, high flying, platformer gameplay we've been waiting for. 

In the wider story seen in some of the exclusive reveals, we can see our new hero searching a cursed land for the missing Prince. Magic and mystery are abound, mixed in with history of the Immortals - the most decorated combatants in the ancient Persian army.

The gameplay resembles the classic MetroidVania and high powered platforming gameplay. The combat switches between ranged bow and arrow or powerful swordplay. Each moment of combat and parkour feels very powerful and satisfying. Strings of combo hits can fill up your charge meter, for an ultimate that can kill any usual mob monster, and seriously hurt any boss, or another ultimate that puts down a healing aura. There's a reasonable level of stick for the wall jumps.

Aside from the magical trees that let you switch out your medals, which effectively act as your skills to reselect and unlock as you go.

I'm willing to forgive the shiny nature of the textures and the somewhat angular character designs to harken back to its more retro origins. That said, the character designs are stylised and heroic, making them very unique and inspiring.

I'm excited to try my hand at a more full version of the game upon its release on January 18 2024.


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