EGX Coverage - Super Mario Bros Wonder

Article by Adam Ray

EGX has been the gift that kept giving this reviewer. There's been a bevvy of new games, from developers great and small. A game I was fortunate to try was one I've been excited for since it's announcement. Super Mario Wonder.

Old school platforming is one of the backbones of gaming. Mario was one of the first, and his newest title has had everyone excited for months. The new spiritual successor and the first Mario platformer in 11 years.

Super Mario Wonder has so many fantastic elements going for it. The level of polish and vibrancy can make even the most cynical gamer like me jump for joy upon getting a Wonder Seed. Nintendo have their aim set on the age 7+ market, and therefore makes it ideal for me.

The cast of characters can appeal to either the lonely gamer playing as the red guy, or a team of players who want to mix the toads with Mario and the princesses making a long overdue appearance in the platformers. Even the kids are welcome to try with the ease brought to you by Yoshi and Nabbit; characters who don't take damage from the bad guys, allowing them to sail through levels while the big gamers to have the full challenge.

Modern Mario gameplay is made by how strong the power ups are, and the iconic Elephant Apple has quickly become a fan favourite. I personally know a cosplayer who's also interested in creating the look of Princess Peach under the power of the drill mushroom. 

A big selling point of the game is the strange visual changes to each level that the Wonder Seed brings. Sometimes the levels can be cleared without these unique collectible. Each effect is unique and they add a level of fun that can really improve the somewhat familiar platforming gameplay.

It's hard to reinvent the wheel, but Super Mario Wonder brings the right level of exciting new features and familiar platformer gameplay that will delight gamers great and small. Pick up Super Mario Wonder yourself on 20th of October.


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