EGX Coverage - Trash Goblin

Article by Adam Ray

To quote Wil Wheaton, a man who knows things about games: "sometimes I don't want a rich, flavourful stout at the pub, sometimes I want to enjoy a jasmine pearl tea, and let my mind expand in a peaceful game". At the tail end of my time at EGX 2023, amidst rich experiences, I found my sweet smelling cup of jasmine tea.

Trash Goblin is the holy union of 3d Picross and casual task doing in a fantasy slice of life. Coming to us from Spilt Milk Studios, who have been around for 13 years and have made micro action epics like Lazarus and Super Blast Island as well as playful re-imaginings on classics in The Legend of Tango A Link to the 80s.

The gameplay loop is simple but satisfying. You are the Trash Goblin, sent items caked in cubic layers of dirt that you must chip away and wash to unearth the (sometimes magical) relics beneath. Colourful characters visit your store asking for their items to be restored or for their items or may ask if you have any such restored items for sale just lying among the other things your goblin-ny mitts may have hoarded.

I had the delight of speaking to the studio's founder, Andrew Smith, he said that Trash Goblin is a peaceful, low stakes RPG. 

It looks to be their first game of many in the fantasy setting they're developing. They're committed to this title being a relaxing, cosy puzzle experience; much like a Goblin keeping a roving Etsy store in a fantasy world. The initial concept came from old school picross, which then took on the 3d aspect. It's early narrative was as an archaeology game, where you unearth artifacts. That element still feels the same, but became more focused on the world they were creating.

Initial reception for Trash Goblin has been very strong, and they're in the process of releasing this game for PC play and possible VR support for the full immersion.

Trash Goblin is available for you to Wishlist on Steam right now, and you can turn on notifications for when the Kickstart goes live now.


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