Now Everyone Say Thank You to Grace - Host WCG Exclusive Reveal

Article by Connor McIndewar

Hello there dear readers, it is I Connor McIndewar, otherwise known as Akhariou. You probably know my name from all the talking I do with Adam on the Fantastic Universes Podcast. Today I get the pleasure of gracing your screens with something exclusive, something shiny, something new! Now, I know it may have been a while since I last wrote… Too long in fact, however I hope you may bare with me as I attempt to capture your interest and minds to the newest offering, so new it hasn’t even come out yet, that one of our favourite talking points at the moment is bringing. That is to say I may bestow upon you dear reader, a sneak preview of a card from the upcoming expansion pack of Host!

I have the privilege, nay, the pleasure of introducing to you: Grace, Aligner of Stars. An angel entity descending into our decks when the new expansion releases in December to allow us to trick our opponents into believing their removal will always end our precious entities, or perhaps seek further value from some very specific cards already coming to the game. 

Grace, Aligner of Stars - Fantastic Universes first exclusive spoiler for any Card Game!

But I digress, Grace brings to us a brand new keyword in Impulse, the ability to play the entity at fast speed, meaning that in response to any action your opponent may take, you can Impulse play Grace and trigger its blinking effect, reaping the benefits from doing so whilst also playing out a sizeable body to boot. Grace costs a generic resource as well as two Emotion resources, something that Meridius, Elder Dragon of Jihnra will be more than happy to see within his ranks, and not too expensive for off faction hosts to employ into their decks.

Now you may not be so excited for its defensive applications, though I’m sure many Restoration Angel fans from Magic: The Gathering are already salivating at those thoughts, there are also value and aggressive options too! As an angel should, this offers a key card on your side of the field the saving grace it may be. If an Entity has a removal spell pointed at it, say Breath of Fire or my pet favourite, Life or Death, and then it's banished and brought back to play, but it's a new object and now safe from the kill effect that was otherwise coming at it.

Host's earliest cards are all templated with the phrase "when this is created" or "created from hand". Unfortunately Grace doesn't quite allow us to replay the same powerful effects of certain cards. Looking at you Dragonus of Constanti. However, our good pal Jamie Delo, creator of Host WCG assures us that many new Entity cards from the upcoming December expansion will have the text "When this Entity enters a front row slot," which will benefit from Grace banishing then bringing it back. True flicker value has entered Host! 

I look forward to writing about these as reveals come out and our excitement continues to rise and I hope you dear reader will be there with me for an incredible journey into the amazing deck building possibilities of Host. Until next time, preferably not almost a year later, thank you very much for reading and I will see you in the next one.



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