The Batman Who Laughs Takes Over Dual Force

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that card games are my biggest joy. It's brought me dear friends and unforgettable memories. So when our shared love of DC comics takes over a card game as good as Dual Force, I can't help but take notice.

DC Dual Force has come a long way in the short months since its release. It ran its first successful round of Twitch drops, had many great expansions themed around Green Arrow and Shazam, introduced the Battle Pass themed around the Blue Beetle movie, and gave us the Atomizer which is a system and Omni Cards that every digital card gamer is grateful for.

Much like in real life, the season has changed and become a great deal more spooky. The release train in DC Dual Force is at full speed in its releases, and the newest mini expansion has the level of creep has been heightened for Halloween.

Dark Knights Metal has come to DC Dual Force. A new Leader of variable play quality has been shown off in The Batman Who Laughs. The consistent summoning of Rabid Robins, then giving your team some destructive keywords keeps it balanced considering the power of the speedy and aggressive zombie Robins.

This is definitely a villain centric and sinister expansion. There are only three characters from the Energy, Might, and Tactics colours but they all have good play to their respective decks. The design on Jason Blood reads like the reverse of the Werewolves from Magic the Gathering. By playing spells you transform him into the far more aggressive demon, but maintaining it is tricky, requiring constant magical energy. This makes sense compared to the Werewolves, who are averse to the magic.

There's a good spread of cards across all costs and factions. The cards are available at the first chapter of the battle pass, and can be crafted with Atoms and Omni cards.


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