Black Manta Surges into DC Dual Force


Article by Adam Ray

DC Dual Force maintains its growth as an online card game with the regular reward drops on Twitch and it's new commitment to themed seasons that match the tone of the other great comic themed digital card game right now.

To tie into the release of the sequel to Jason Momoa's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Black Manta and many new cards have been added to the game which perfectly match the iconic villain's new way to play.

The Black Manta leader card is in the Anarchy type, which still makes sense given his destructive tendencies and his pathological hatred for the deep and Aquaman. He also brings the beloved or be-hated playstyle into Dual Force: Mill.

Mill is the style of play where you deliberately remove cards from your opponent's deck so that they eventually run out of cards, and in most card games, if they try to draw from an empty deck, they lose. Both Manta himself, and a signature card, Piracy, looks to try and destroy cards from your opponent's deck so that they run out of options and eventually lose. Chimera being a mill effect on a body, for at least one time, is also very effective.

Manta offers a lot of deck building options. Do you play an Energy or Tyranny control shell to delay your opponent and then eventually send their deck to the depths? Or do you play cards from Might to pressure your opponent and boost Manta's power so that he sinks even more of their cards? You might even play a Tactics with Catwoman to take even more cards from their deck.

It's interesting that there are no new Tactics or Energy cards in this drop, but the new playstyle that Manta brings definitely warrants a lot more support than the Suicide Squad or "Chaotic Matters" of the Batman Who Laughs play style.

The new cards are live now, and make sure to check in daily for new rewards.


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