Review: The Witcher 'The Lesser Evil'

The Witcher: The Lesser Evil

Original Story:
Andrzej Sapkowsk
Writers: Jacek Rembiś, Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz
Artist: Adam Gorham
Color Artist: Patricio Delpeche
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Review by Adam Ray

The world of The Witcher is a rich and detailed world of mythic fantasy. The tales based in this world feel like classic fairy tales, but with a more sincere and dark spin. At the same time, this magical world can bring us intense morality plays, by making magical monsters a threat, but the greed of the people is the true evil here.
"The Lesser Evil" is a delightful, concise ingot of fantasy fiction set in this world. We get our hero, Geralt, dealing with a moral quandary instead of an imposing figure or sinister lord. Two rival forces each put forward two valid points for why one should eliminate the other. The lesser of two evils being realized. Geralt's signature blend of awareness of the situation and utter lack of caring is consistent. For me, it's hard to imagine anyone other than Henry Cavill in the role of the eponymous Witcher.

Fans of the original Witcher stories are strongly rewarded for knowing the many intricate and niche references this story is laden with, so "Lesser Evil" is a delight to the eyes for fantasy graphic novel readers. The characters are richly expressive, and the colors are vibrant, perfectly fitting the tone of high fantasy goodness. There are wonderful moments of close-up looks at objects and items, these tell the story without seeing the characters or situations.

The masterful use of color gives us a rosy, hazy look at the past and does a great job of showing the perspective people have, when looking back over their pasts, be it with nostalgia or shame. This also combines with a great sense of what writers and literature professors mean by unreliable narrators. These looks into the past perfectly contradict each other, all of which add visually to the dilemma our hero is in.


"The Lesser Evil" is a light tome and a perfect welcome escape to a rich but emotionally wrought fantasy setting. For a fan of The Witcher universe, this is essential reading. For all those who love fantasy fiction, like me, this is a wonderful look into the genre and makes me wonder where Geralt's journey will take him next.

Released on Dec 05, 2023, wherever books and comics are sold
ISBN 9781506726960

Images Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, Review Copy Courtesy of Penguin Random House.


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